Teamsters987 — Providing Benefits For All Of Its Workers

Unions do not have the power they once had. Years of cutting back on worker protections and the advancement of right-to-work states. Indiana adopted such legislation only recently. Unions may have seen a setback when it comes to representing factory workers, but there has been an ongoing push for retail workers to unionize. Chains that allow their employees to unionize offer better working conditions. The Teamsters union has represented truck drivers for over a century, and continues to fight for better working conditions and better pay. Teamsters987 continues this proud tradition.

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Although the term Teamster does not apply to the modern world, the tractor trailer driver fulfills the same role He needs to get the goods in his care from place to place. The driver can expect to spend long hours on the road, traveling hundreds or thousands of miles per week. When he gets home, he wants to know that there are people who have his back. Teamsters members get better wages for their employees and they have an organization that helps them lobby for more favorable laws for truckers. The national organization supports political candidates that are most likely to improve the conditions of people who work for a living. Click here if you need help Finding It Near Me and tracking down your local union.

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