What to Look for in a Web Designer or Design Agency

Google for web designers or web design companies and you will get millions of results for companies all promising quite similar things: timely shipping, budget-friendly, search engine optimization and cross-browser compatibility, etc.. Sites you will inquire why are there so many crappy now if they were so excellent. Below are a few qualifications which can help you to weed the web designers that are fantastic out in the ones that are bad.

Great Portfolio

A fantastic portfolio displays creativity, personality selection and most significantly has illustrations of genuine client work and not only spec work out of school. Ensure that the web designer total design in their portfolio matches what you’re searching for. Test out their websites to ensure that they’re appropriate to their target market, user-friendly, error-free and fast-loading.

A large portfolio consistently trumps design experience or education. Web designers having expertise could be put in their ways and less open to tendencies or fresh ideas. And just because someone took a couple of courses doesn’t indicate that they’ve got an eye for it. We’ve encountered many sites offering web design solutions with websites.

Client Services

No matter how stellar your designer or agency is if they can’t react to your emails or calls in a timely fashion during business hours, then they most likely cannot meet your deadline. This can mean death to a company if your job is time sensitive due to something such as a product release. Some freelance web designers have been moonlighters significance that they have full-time projects and they pick up the job there and here to get additional money. Be careful of those people because they will not be accessible when your project goes forcing you to sacrifice your deposit.

Wanted Skills

Whoever you select should be skillful with the net technologies your project requires. Should you will need Flash to get an animated clip, then make sure that your web developer is proficient at Flash Actionscript 3.0. If you want to convert your site make sure that they’re well versed on the internet technologies that support it and your CMS. Most open-minded CMS’ are controlled by PHP. It is always preferable to hire a specialist who can excel rather than a jack of all trades who’s just mediocre in everything. Normally, you should be in a position to rate this according to their online portfolio.

Their Timeline Fits your Timeline

All projects have a deadline or even some preferred time range in which you would want it to be finished. Excessively optimistic timelines are frequently quoted by web designers. However easy your site redesign or design is, it’s almost impossible for the layout procedure (in concept to end) to take less than two weeks since there’ll always be adjustments. I always laugh when a client quotes that their new site should require and is very basic and emails me. Send sooner than expected and it is professional to estimate a longer deadline. If your web designer states it’s going to take longer than their opponents, they might be moonlighting.


Full-service is usually provided by design firms since it takes a group of programmers, designers, and advertising specialists. Full-service means that they offer net solutions that are all-encompassing like SEO, e-commerce, branding compatibility, and networking advertising all in one area. Rarely will you find a web designer who’s a master in all of these types, which is why some companies hire design firms should they have the funding.

Communication Abilities

Communication abilities are equally as critical as design and programming abilities because if your web designer communicates with poor grammar or spelling mistakes so will your site. Can they articulate issues nicely? Can they translate complicated technical jargon into laymen terms? You can easily evaluate their communication abilities through project proposal, emails and your primary calls.

Marketing / SEO Expertise

What good is your website if your target market can’t locate it? Design company or your web designer must understand how to market it. If you discovered that your web designer by via Google with keywords that are industry-specific they must know something about SEO. Here are additional SEO methods your web designer should implement to build your web presence:

  • Generate fresh content relevant to your target market with a blog
  • Write a meta name and description tags
  • Include your keyword search phrases in your headings and subheadings (H1 and H2 tags respectively)
  • Sprinkle your keyword search terms throughout your articles
  • Create a sitemap for search engines to crawl
  • Add your Site to online business directories

Customer References

Ask for client references and make a point about calling them. Ask their customers whether they were receptive, on time and within budget. Some web design companies start looking through freelance websites such as Guru for work.

Social Media Presence

Social Media makes it possible to respond to people talking about your own brand and understand how they perceive your business. There are a lot of social media networks but the ones to monitor are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. A fantastic practice would be to post you publish web content that is fresh or a blog article a status update. Go to halifax web design companies.

Price / Budget

It’s crucial to consider all of the above mentioned and then consider cost or budget when everything else falls into place. The quote is rarely the best.

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